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  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I'm only hoping that I can spread the word enough to bring you more business. It's the least I can do for all you've done for me!
  • Our vet was really impressed with the workmanship of your chair- he hung a picture of her in it in his clinic.
  • I can tell that there must have been a lot of time and research put into the design of these wheel chairs.

Doggon' Wheels is the professionals choice - our dog wheelchairs are the most widely used product by veterinary health care professionals around the world. This speaks volumes about the quality, design and function of our products. You will find our products in use at major veterinary teaching hospitals, physical therapy rehabilitation centers and also being used by veterinarians for their own pets who choose Doggon' Wheels products after seeing first hand the differences between our products and others.

When deciding on a wheelchair for your dog, you need to not only compare price but experience as well. Doggon' Wheels has been providing the highest quality dog wheelchair at an affordable price for over 13 years. Others may have little experience in meeting the various needs of disabled pets- why trust your pets health to someone tinkering around with a "hobby"? A dog wheelchair that is poorly designed can cause all kinds of health issues such as pressure sores and stress on the shoulders which will make using a wheelchair more difficult and cause long term issues as well.

Our dog wheelchairs are durable, multi functional, allow for full range of motion and will not put stress on your dogs shoulders which makes it the most comfortable dog wheelchair on the market today.

Doggon' Wheels is about more than turning your pets disability into Petability- we're about providing memories that will last a life time. We're motivated daily by our dog Benny, who has used a wheelchair since 1998, to provide you and your pet with quality products. Each wheelchair is made like we are making it for him as we demand the very best for him just as you do for your pet.

Combine this with our outstanding customer support and you'll quickly see why we have so many satisfied customers and are one of the most widely recommended dog wheelchair companies in the world.

"You guys are wonderful, I'm so glad I found you. My sister in law had contacted you as well because she was trying to help me search and when we spoke she agreed that you guys were the most helpful and most customer oriented company she talked to. ...... not to mention that some of the providers I contacted were just focused on making a sale, you folks understand how personal it is. "